Chromebook Desktop Wallpaper Apps and Extensions

Google’s Chrome OS doesn’t have a real desktop like Windows and other operating systems, but there is option for desktop wallpaper. ChromeOS comes with a default wallpaper which can be changed by the users. Follow these instructions to change desktop wallpaper on Chromebooks and other devices running on ChromeOS.

chromebook wallpaper

Apart from changing wallpapers manually, there are two other ways to set custom wallpapers: Using Surprise me option available in the wallpaper panel, or use certain apps available for it.

ChromeOS offers chrome.wallpaper API – developers can take advantage of it to build apps and extensions for customizing wallpapers. This Chrome extension API is supported only on the ChromeOS devices like Chromebooks, and not on Windows, Linux or macOS platform.

We have created these apps and extensions, using the chrome.wallpaper API, to customize the Chromebook desktop wallpaper:

Install and try these apps and extensions on your Chrome OS device. As said earlier, these add-ons wouldn’t work with Chrome running on Windows, Linux and Mac – as the required API is only available on Chrome OS.

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10 thoughts on “Chromebook Desktop Wallpaper Apps and Extensions”

  1. Good – but automatic change once a day / on startup / on click. Every three house is too much.

    Or have an option to set the rate.


  2. how to change wallpaper on school chromebook? I have Asus branded chromebook provided by my school but I can not install any of your extension or app listed above. Apparently, installation of extensions and apps is blocked on school chromebook devices. Is there any way to chnage the default ugly wallpaper?

  3. I have a related question: How to set chromebook wallpaper slideshow? have you created any chromebook extension for that?

  4. @Jane: Unfortunately, the above extensions don’t provide any option for that. I would try to implement this setting in future versions.

  5. Enhancement request – Could you add the option to switch between “STRETCH”, “CENTER”, or “CENTER_CROPPED”?

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