Chrome Extensions Update Notifier

The Extensions Update Notifier is an essential extension for all users of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other supported browsers. It alerts users whenever an installed extension is updated.

Why do you need this?

Browser extensions update automatically and silently in the background, and users don’t get any notification or alert of these updates. A new version of any extension may have some drastic changes, which may break user’s workflow. It could also introduce some changes related with privacy and security.

As browsers don’t notify users when extensions update, we have created a small extension, the Extensions Update Notifier, to fix this. This extension monitors all other installed extensions, and alerts users whenever an extension is updated, as shown in the following screenshot:

chrome extension update alert

Users can click this notification to manage the updated extension.

It doesn’t monitor any locally installed extension (installed manually using the “Developer mode” option), or Chrome apps or themes.

Install This Extension

You can install this extension from the Chrome Web Store. It should work fine with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave and other Chromium-based browsers supporting WebExtension APIs.

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1 thought on “Chrome Extensions Update Notifier”

  1. Thanks for this great utility. I believe that this feature should be built-in in the browser itself. The recent incident involving The Great Suspender tab management extension is just one example, where users should be notified whenever an extension updates to a new version.

    Thanks again!

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