Pin Chrome Extension on Toolbar

Unlike Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers, Chrome doesn’t show icons of installed extensions on the browser toolbar by default. Chrome hides extension icons in a dropdown menu that can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Extensions” button present on the toolbar.

Pin Chrome Extension on Toolbar

In this dropdown menu, the extensions are categorized by their required permissions. This categorization helps users to monitor the browsing data access requested by individual extensions. From this menu, users can easily pin (and unpin) extensions just by clicking on the pin icon next to their names.

More Actions

If you click on the three-dot menu (the kebab menu) next to the pin icon, you can find more actions for the corresponding extension.

chrome toolbar extension icons

As shown in the above screenshot, you can find more actions like:

  • control when that particular extension can read and change site data
  • open Options page of that particular extension
  • Remove (uninstall) the extension
  • Unpin (if it has been pinned)
  • Manage extension

This pin and unpin feature of Google Chrome is quite useful if you have installed many extensions, and don’t want to clutter your toolbar.

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