Emoji Copy Paste Extension

Want to use emojis in Google Chrome on desktop easily? Install our Emoji Copy Paste extension from the Chrome Web Store, which enables you to copy and paste many popular Unicode supported emojis quickly.

How to use this extension?

Whenever you wish to use any emoji, simply click on the extensionโ€™s icon on the browser toolbar. This would show a popup window with all the supported emojis. Click on any emoji, and it would be copied automatically to your clipboard. Now, you can paste it anywhere just by using the usual Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut or the “Paste” option in the context menu (right-click menu).

chrome emoji extension

Please note that some emojis may not be supported on your device or platform. The exact appearance of emojis depends upon your operating system, browser version and the websites where you use them. The following screenshot shows how emojis appear on the Chrome Canary version on Windows 10 Insider Build.


Bonus: You can access the web version of this extension here, and should bookmark this web page for future use.

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19 thoughts on “Emoji Copy Paste Extension”

  1. Wow, this extension works really good! Glad to see such a simple solution.

    Just a tip for the users of this extension: Once you’ve copied the emoji from the popup window, you can paste it ANYWHERE – and not just in the Chrome browser. Now, this is how I use emojis in Microsoft Word, Excel and Notion.

    Brilliant tool. Thank You. ๐Ÿ‘ โคโคโค

  2. Hi. are there any updated versions of this that are more diverse? these only seem to have white skin tones. thanks!

  3. Works great. I had no idea how to type emojis on desktop computer, but this extension solves the problem. I really like that you can copy any emoji just by clicking on it. ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Thanks so much! This is the BEST emoji extension for Google Chrome! Other emoji extensions give you the look of what it appears on your cell, this gives you an accurate view of what it’ll look like once it’s pasted. Keep up the great work! I’m sharing to all my social media profiles!

  5. @Mark: Color of emojis should depend upon the operating system unless any (external) stylesheet is applied.

    Click on any emoji in the extension pop-down window, and it would be copied automatically. Now you can paste it anywhere. Again the color would depend upon the style/CSS applied on that page, if any.

  6. I use this extension on Chrome (Windows) and Chromebook. Surprisingly, it behaves differently on different platforms.
    On Windows, all the emojis are black. While on Chromebook, emojis are colorful. Could you please explain this? How can I get the colorful emojis on Windows.

    Thanks for the awesome extension.

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