Block Notifications in Google Chrome

“Block Notifications” is a small and light-weight extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. It blocks annoying notification prompt appearing on certain websites, which asks users to allow sending push notifications even when the website is not open in a tab.

This web push notification feature looks exciting, but it has become a big headache for the users, almost similar to the popup windows. Many websites have started misusing this feature by promoting unwanted contents.


Block Notifications Extension

Thankfully, Chrome users can easily block these notification prompts and notifications. Install our “Block Notifications” extension from the Chrome Web Store – and you are done! This extension would block all such annoyance.

Alternatively, you can block notifications manually without installing any extension. For this, copy and paste the following address in the address bar and press the Enter key:


This should open the Notification Settings of Chrome, where you should see the option “Ask before sending (recommended)” enabled by default. Just disable this option, as you are done. You can also manage your whitelisted and blacklisted domains from this page.

Block Web Push Notification on Android

Chrome for Android also has this feature, where websites can prompt users to enable push notifications similar to the installed apps. If you find this annoying or unwanted, you can easily block this feature by visiting Chrome Menu > Settings > Site Settings > Notifications as shown in the above video.

Web push notifications is definitely a great feature, which enables web apps to show notifications similar to the installed native apps. But, now every other website (including many blogs) has implemented this and pushing useless contents. This is quite disappointing and annoying. I hope browser vendors would consider this and restrict use of push notifications.

Update: We highly recommend users to try our Simple Privacy Settings extension.

7 thoughts on “Block Notifications in Google Chrome”

  1. I disagree with the statement that this is a great feature.. I don’t want them and I will never use this feature which makes every notification useless and unwanted. Anyway thanks for the work.

  2. As an octogenarian I don’t know how to get rid of annoying cookie notices can someone please advise [in easy to follow terms] how can I do this

  3. Very Good Arpit. It’s really annoying.Each and every website I visit wants to send push notifications.I just download it and hope It will work just fine.Thanks again.

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