Bing Background Images As Chromebook Wallpaper

Best thing about Microsoft’s search engine is its daily refreshing background images. How about setting these amazing images as your desktop wallpaper?

If you have a Chromebook (or any other ChromeOS device), you have an easier solution for that. We have created a simple Chrome app which automatically sets latest Bing background image as the desktop wallpaper on your Chrome OS device. Install this app from the Chrome Web Store.

chromebook wallpaper

How to use?

Once you complete the installation, you would notice its icon on the app launcher of ChromeOS. The app would start working in background and check for new background image on Bing periodically. Whenever a new background image is detected, the app would set it as the desktop wallpaper – and show you a notification about the change. The notification prompt would also show you the description of the image as provided by the


You can open the app and manually refresh the wallpaper whenever you want.

Want more?

We have created two more similar apps: Flickr Wallpapers for Chromebooks and HD Wallpapers for Chromebooks. Please try these too. You should also install this small extension for Chromebooks, which allows you to set any online image as your Chromebook desktop wallpaper.

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Windows or macOS?

Our above app is only for the Chrome OS devices like Chromebooks, therefore, it would not work with Chrome on Windows, Linux or Mac. If you are on Windows, you can install the Bing Desktop application by Microsoft. IMHO, this app doesn’t offer any meaningful purpose, but it can automatically set Bing’s background images as your Windows desktop wallpaper.

31 thoughts on “Bing Background Images As Chromebook Wallpaper”

  1. I’ve been using this app for about a year and a half and it has suddenly stopped working. I’ve tried selecting manually refresh along with reinstalling the app. Nothing seems to work. I’m not sure what to do now.

  2. How do I remove it? I did like the wallscreens but now I don’t like them anymore and want to get rid of it.

  3. Yea, I love it. I have been using this plugin for a while in chrome. On My Chromebook, flip OG version, it works great.

    Love having a new screen background each day. BING is the one thing Microsoft does right

  4. I have a suggestion – there appears to be no app for the ChromeOS that allows for an automatic wallpaper changer that be set to change at user set intervals.

  5. Seems to have stopped updating? I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled but still no luck? Shame as I really appreciate the extension

  6. I’ve already installed wallpaper for chromebook. How do I know the description of the photo that changes from day to day?

  7. I love your extension, and I’ve been using it for a bit over a year now. Thank you for developing such a clever extension! I do have one question … If I open the .jpg version of the Bing photo for the day (when I click on the notification tab for instance) it seems your app is adding two copies of the photo of the day to my Drive – one file and one thumbnail. Any reason this is happening? (It seems only to have been happening in the last few weeks.)

  8. Thanks for this Chromebook app. Really like it.

    Just wish if you could support Windows and Android too. ~ Ryan

  9. I noticed that Bing Wallpaper for Chromebook does not always match the bing background of the day. I’m in US but it was showing the Canadian image.

  10. @Kristen thanks for your kind support.

    Unfortunately, it works only with the ChromeOS devices, and adding support for Windows and Mac is not possible.

  11. Arpit, I’ve bought this app and it works great on my chromebook. Could you please add support for Mac? Please!!

  12. @Ramson and @Harris: The required API is not supported in the stable build of ChromeOS yet. Hope Google Chrome team will fix it soon.

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