Best Chromebook Apps and Extensions

Here is a list of most useful Chromebook applications and extensions for all users. The list is updated periodically and items are curated manually after testing and reviewing.  Most of these apps work well with the Google Chrome browser on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms as well.

I’m also a n00b coder, and have developed some apps and extensions for Chrome and other browsers. You can check my work here.

Have any feedback or query? Leave a comment below. You can suggest your favorite items by sending email to App developers can also submit their apps for review and listing. If you find this list useful, must share this web page with your friends.




  • Save online articles to read them later.
  • Works offline.
  • Also available on Android and other platform.
  • Use this companion extension to save articles quickly.

Sunrise Calendar

  • Awesome calendar app, works with Google Calendar and iCloud. Seamless synchronization.
  • Works offline.
  • Also available on Android.



  • Simple yet powerful text editor. Support syntax highlighting for many programming languages, so can be used as a Sublime Text alternate on Chromebook.
  • Works offline.
  • Maintained by Chrome team

Evernote App

  • Best notes management solution.
  • Packaged app, specially for Chrome OS
  • Works offline.
  • Native apps available for Android, Windows and other leading platforms.

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