About BrowserNative

BrowserNative maintains several browser extensions and web apps. With these tools, our goal is to enhance web browsing experience of our users.

We also publish helpful articles and latest updates focused on web browsers, web apps, Chrome OS, Chromebooks, HTML5 and related technologies. We try our best to cover latest industry developments and trends.

You can find our privacy policy and disclaimer on this page. For any query or feedback, email us at editor@browsernative.com. Our detailed contact information is available on this page.

Our Team

Arpit Gupta:
Arpit has been following development of web browsers and related technologies for long. He has developed various browser-based utilities and extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.
Twitter: @ArpitNext, GitHub: @ArpitNext.

Atul Raghav:
Atul holds engineering degree in Computer Science, and has deep interest in HTML5 & JavaScript. He loves to discover latest features of browsers.
Twitter: @AtulNinza, Email: atulninza[@]gmail.com.