What is Incognito Mode of Chrome?


Incognito mode in Google Chrome allows users to browse the internet without leaving any traces of their activity behind. It does not save browsing history, cookies, or site data on the device, and extensions are disabled by default. Third-party cookies are blocked.

Go Incognito Chrome Extension

“Go Incognito” Chrome extension enables users to easily open the current Chrome tab in incognito mode, and delete it from browser history.

Incognito This Tab Firefox Extension


Incognito This Tab is a helpful extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It enables users to quickly open the current tab URL in the incognito mode (called Private Browsing mode in Firefox), and removes it from the browsing history. Install it from the Mozilla add-ons gallery. How To Use Once you have installed it successfully, … Read more

Use Extensions in Incognito Mode

Allow extensions in the incognito mode browsing of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. In Firefox, incognito mode is termed as “Private Browsing” mode. While in Microsoft Edge, the incognito mode is termed as “InPrivate Browsing” mode.

Incognito This Tab Extension


“Incognito This Tab” is a light-weight browser extension for Google Chrome, which enables users to easily load current tab in an incognito window. Read this article to know more about this cool extension.

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SiteTools Extension


SiteTools browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. One click access to Alexa, SimilarWeb, WhatsMyDNS, SEMrush, Lighthouse, WebPageTest.org, GTMatrix, PageSpeed Insights, Wayback Machine etc.