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BrowserNative maintains several browser extensions and apps for Google Chrome, Chromebooks and other supported browsers and platforms, like Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Android etc. Here is the list of few browser extensions and apps maintained by us. We have created these extensions for our own use, and believe that the other users would also find them useful:


Social Media

For Gmail and G Suite Users

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See this page for the detailed information about our Microsoft Edge extensions.

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We are proud to inform that none of our extensions tracks browsing activity or any other kind of data from the users. Read our detailed privacy policy for the extension and app users on this page.

30 thoughts on “Our Browser Extensions”

  1. Hi

    I am using Tweetright on firefox but it seems you are not supporting this extension any more.

    If so I will not bother you anymore with a problem I’m having



  2. Great extension. Can we add a timeout after hitting the “Tweet” button to autoclose the popup windows after five seconds?


    “There’s no such thing as a foolproof system. Someone will make a better fool, tomorrow.” @LoneWolffe

  3. Hi, I’ve been using Feedly Subscribe Button on Chrome. Since the recent update of Chrome, Subscribe icon disappears when I open some tabs. Also, every time when I click the button, Chrome hides automatically and then blank speak balloon appears below the button. Please take a look. Thank you.

  4. I am having the exact same experience as Dice above me. Running on OS X with latest stable Chrome.

  5. dear sir
    if i want share *.txt file contain
    or *.htm can you guide about application do that automatically?
    infact fast share should open ‘htm and then select text
    and then share
    ineed application do it completely


  6. The incognito is opening a separate window, but also leaving it opened in the other browser, so the cookies and history are still being recorded. I cannot find where to change my settings to say how I want the app to work. Please help…

  7. @Jake: the Incognito window loads in a separate process, and cookies etc. are not shared with normal mode tabs. When you close an incognito window, the associated browsing data get deleted automatically.

  8. — Share on Twitter Google Chrome incognito mode issue —

    Clicking the button in incognito mode opens new tweet in regular browser.

    – Sign out of twitter in chrome
    – Open new chrome incognito window (ctrl + shift + n)
    – sign into twitter
    – find something to share & click the ‘share on twitter’ button
    – popup opens in regular browser and asks you to ‘sign in & tweet’

    The button should launch the popup in the same mode as the browser, so that the active cookies can be used, if this was working correctly it would already show your twitter account when you click the button, because the incognito window has an active twitter cookie.

    Can you fix this or add an option for users?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Hi,
    I understand that you’ve just updated the tweetright/share on twitter for firefox on 30th July, the day I am writing this comment.
    Issue is, the button is missing. I’ve tried removing it from the firefox, reboot my pc and reinstalled but it doesn’t work.

  10. Thanks for your Bing Background App. Recently bought a Chromebook, moved to dev channel, and discovered this app. IMHO, this is the BEST CHROMEBOOK APP. Alas, not available to all chromebook owners.

    Could you please explain why this app is only available for dev channel users?

  11. i’m using firefox
    is it can possible to color the twitter icon in blue ?


    sorry for my bad english

  12. @Martin: I guess your are asking for unzipping zip archive files on Chromebooks. Right?

    Well, Chromebooks have native support for unzipping “.zip” files. Just click on them in the “Files” app. You can also zip files.

  13. I think WP Write have some bugs,Can’t remember the password,Repost, will generate another article, After the release Will automatically open the post page

  14. Im very interested in a app that i can use to upload images or video to instagram and also how i can DM on instagram? Please help

  15. Still would like to see an immediate window/tab closure after clicking the Tweet button. It’s the reason why I quit using AddThis. Their “Thank You” page for FB and having to close it and Twitter’s tab just clicks you to death. It’s too much aggravation, when you do not need to close tabs after posting to FB/Twitter. Everyone knows where to go IF they really want to go to a FB or Twitter site. For faster posting, auto-closure after click the post buttons would be great. I see some sites already use this feature.

  16. Re: Share on Twitter (Firefox)

    This extension would be better if it would open in a popup window, allow you to click Tweet button and then CLOSE popup window after tweet sent. Many people like me do not want to go to the Twitter page/site after a tweet and having to close a tab is just another UNNECESSARY click.

    In fact, my share button for Facebook is a joy to use as it closes the window after I click the FB paste button. Allows me to share more content and much faster to FB. Not so with your Twitter share extension.

  17. Been using Share on Twitter on Firefox for years.

    With latest version of Fx, the add-on has become a legacy add-on. It still works, but now it appears on Fx’s Toolbar intermittently, i.e., sometimes it shows when I open Fx, other times it doesn’t. I have no problems with other legacy add-ons.

    Any fixes for this as I would like it to always show on Fx’s Toolbar like it use to?

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